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JRock University

a jrock role play

JRock University Role Play
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Welcome to Jrock U! This is a Jrock role play of corse ^^. Here is some information and our rules Please be sure to read it all before joining!

Jrock University is a role play where our lovely Jrockers attend college. Now of corse this is fiction so our jrockers will be a lot younger more at the age of a college student would be. In this role play you may role play your jrocker however you want. BUT Please, please, please! At least know a bit more than average about your jrocker so you can role play them well? If you choose an indies jrocker it is alright if you can not find a lot on them and is very understandable <3

In this role play you have a choice of having your Jrocker live in a town home, dorm, or Apartment ^_^. Dorms are prefered due to it can make things a bit funner :). You may also choose if you would like to give your Jrocker a part time job or possibly have them be a professor, teacher or student at the collage ^^. Please respect others in this community as well. We would like to be rather more like a large family and please if you have a problem with something someone has done confront them and please refrain from causing any internet drama. If someone is starting fight for no reason or talking badly about another behind backs they will be confronted by me and if so may be kicked out of the RP.

Starting off as we see how things go this RP will be controled and moderated by me!^^. So please before you join fill out a nice little form (down below is an example) and e-mail me it at Yurasama@gmail.com . Please as said before be conciderate of others and enjoy the RP! Forcing someones characters such as posting another characters actions instead of letting them do it them selves is not allowed as well. Also killing off or commiting suicide to your character is not allowed. Please no emo deaths D:. More rules and info will soon be added after JRock U has been up a bit longer ^_^ as for now please enjoy the RP and feel free to join! After making your info form and sending it out to my e-mail please wait for a response by me or IM me on AIM (my screen name is x rose garnet x ) After filling out a info form please type an introduction post for your Jrocker and post it in the community! If someone then wants to role play with you and respond they may respond to it as a comment under your post. Also, if you would like to post but only want one person to be allowed to RP with you or 2, please post at the title {{locked for ____~jrocker here~____}} or something like that so there is no confusion. Also don`t forget to put OOC(out of character) If you are typing out of character. ^_^ Please if you have sugestions feel free to tell me! I am very open and will be respectful of your comments and ideas ^____^!! All muns are allowed to have up to three different Jrockers to RP as. Thank you VERY much for reading the rules and information on this role play. PLEASE HAVE FUN! :)

Once more my e-mail is Yurasama@gmail.com, My AIM is x rose garnet x You will have to ask me for my MSN messanger if wanted. Please if you have any questions or need help on anything talk to me! I will surely help you <3333 Once more, after filling out your intro form please post your characters introduction post ^_^. Feel free to label the topic post "introduction" or something like that of the sort.

**~~INFO FORM~~**
example form
Here is and example of a Jrocker`s entry form.please be aware that this is not the actual characters form. <3
Jrocker: Közi
Band: ex. Malice Mizer/ Solo
Job: Antique shop retail ((OOC: Now here you have a choice ^_^ if you don`t want a job that is fine <3 just type ~none~ ))
Housing: Dorm at the university ((OOC:Or you have a choice of town home, and apartment ))
LJ Character name: "your characters LJ name here"
Normal LJ name: "Your normal LJ here"
AIM, YIM, MSN: "your messanger screen names here ^_^"
E-Mail: "your e-mail here"

and you may add any extra comments wanted ^__^

Thank you for your time and please join after carefully reading this info if wanted :)! Character updates will soon be posted on what jrockers are taken and what ones are not ^__^. Once more my e-mail is Yurasama@gmail.com, and my AIM is x rose garnet x

Thank You! :)!
Reserved please ask if wanted.
☆currently none ^^

~~*~;;Characters Taken;;~*~~

Dir En Grey
Kyo Played by lucedelust
Kaoru Played by ai_shiteru_kao AIM: Berry Kaoru

Malice Mizer
Mana Played by queen_decadence AIM: XTheMaliceMizerX or MiyaviPOP

Emiru Played by emirucandy AIM: emiru bunny

Sharak Played by sharak AIM: Industrial Honey

Schwartz Stein
Hora Played by hora_disorder AIM: Spooky Testament

Hyde Played by bebopyasha AIM: Kaworu Spiegel

Yomi Played by yomivision AIM: Ashkestral