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((*le gasp*... It's so shocking. XD;; Bathrooms? Dates? What more could a boy ask for? lol jk jk jk Enjoy~!))

Aya signed lightly. Still snowing. Still too cold to wear anything to cute. It was starting to drive him insane. He walked into the boy’s bathroom and looked in the mirror to reply any make up that was fading. “Stupid snow…” he grumbled. Well, he thought he was quite brave for even thinking about dressing in a skirt and tights in the snow. Although he was quite covered. Boots, which looked like they belonged in the army, and trench coat, that had lace randomly sewed on. It was the best he could do… A lolita army? He laughed.

Sharaku came in a hassle to the boy’s bathroom. He was in the need of releasing bodily fluid and found himself doing so as soon as he entered the public bathroom. He grumbled to himself as he used the facility. He really did hate public washrooms and "watering holes" as he referred to the water fountains.

Aya was just finishing his eyeliner as he glanced to side. He flushed and turned around. He hated watching other guys pee. It grossed him out. And the only thing he hated more than guys peeing was when other guys would watch him pee and try to talk to him. It was soo perverted. But worst of all the person who was using the ‘loo’ was… Sharaku. There was no doubt in his mind about that. Although he was tempted to look… no no no no… Aya flushed more. Bad timing. Bad bad timing.

Sharaku finished as he bounced a bit and rezipped his pants. His head was down realizing that another man was indeed in the room, but he had not seen his face and could not tell it was Aya by shoes Aya wore. He began to wash his hands with out much thought.

Aya itched the back of his head. Should he say something? Oh, Hi Sharaku… I didn’t know you peed there? Nooooo. He smiled but wanted to laugh at his thoughts. No Aya. He coughed a bit trying to get Sharaku attention. Maybe Sharaku won’t think anything of it… it.. it’s not like Aya hasn’t see… people pee before… Okay that sounded gross.

Sharaku looked up immediately as he heards the coughing. It sounded familiar, but shocked him. Really the only thing he could think of at the moment was germs. He cringed at the thought and looked up seeing Aya. "Aya-chan!," he squeaked out in a shocked voice.

Aya smiled nervously. “H-hi…?” he replied in a shaky voice. Please God, don’t let Sharaku think I’m a pervert. He waved a little at the other boy. “… Err… It’s not what… you think… I was.. err..” His mind blurred and couldn’t think of a response. Why was he in the bathroom… He was there to. To? “Make up!” He replied quickly, becoming redder from embarrassment. “I’m was doing my make up… and I’m just leaving.”

Sharaku nodded and he looked over the boy's face. He was indeed wearing plenty of make-up. "You look nice..," he said softly as he smiled. Sharaku looked about wondering were Aya was off to. He was afraid to ask. His hands fidgeted with his sleeves as he thought. He wondered if Aya saw him. He gentle blushed, but would never think such horrid things Aya was coming up within his own head.

Aya bowed and his voice got a shaky again. “Well… I’ll… er…” He laughed nervously. For the first time in his life, he was at a lost of words. He bit his lower lip, regardless of the artificial taste of strawberries. “…Gomen…” Aya grabbed his book bag and purse and quickly got out of the bathroom. He was just as bad as Yura. His mind was just getting dirty. “Stop it. Stop it. Stop it.” He chanted to him as he quietly walked down the hall. “Kyaa~! I’m so screwed… No, not screwed!! Argh!” Aya yelped aloud.

Sharaku blinked helplessly as he did not understand what had just occurred. He assumed he had done something wrong he could have sweared he was being behaved best as possible. He failed and he felt like crying or hitting something. Most likely it would be the second action. He walked out of the bathroom and quickly in sharp, uneasily motions, he began his walk back to the dorm. He didn't feel like going to his second class today.

Aya stopped. “Oh my God, I just walked out on Sharaku!” He slapped his head. He was too worried about embarrassing himself that he just totally left Sharaku in the dark. “Crap!” And with that, started to race back to the bathroom. Stupid Aya. He should at least explained or something. But by the time he got to the bathroom… it was empty. The pink haired boy scrunched up his nose. Where would Sharaku go now? He paused and thought for a moment. Class? Or his dorm? Which one? Aya wasn’t smart boy and it took him a while to realize his actions. Now if only Aya knew Sharaku’s schedule, which he didn’t. “God, I’m such as idiot!” Aya kicked a stall door, and hurt his foot. That made Aya howled in pain.

Sharaku had trudged back towards the dorm as he felt a bit confused, disorientated, and a little angry. He wasn't in the mood for class, which was hindering his grade because he had attended classes on a whim of his immediate feelings. Sharaku didn't care. His work was always perfect, but the attendance was less then acceptable.

After going to the school office asking for Sharaku’s schedule, which they rudely told him no, Aya decided to the dorm. He rushed quickly to get to the dorm. He just had to apologize. He’d apologize to Sharaku, and run… Wait, not run. Running was bad. Aya sighed aloud in frustration. Why was he acting so stupid? Was it because they both had crushes on each other?

Sharaku had found his room with success as he slugged after the dorm. He opened his room and with out even taking off his shoes slammed the door behind him and would like down on his bed. He wrapped himself up tightly in his blanket while covering his head to keep the slight light from hitting him. He just wanted to pretend like the day had not started and that he certainly did not see Aya on this day.

Aya got to the dorm a bit after Sharaku. He could find the dorm, seeing that this was his second… wait third time visiting. Aya drew near the correct door. A large knot formed in his throat and he actually held back on knocking. “It’s okay… Everything is going to be okay.” Aya told himself aloud as he lightly tapped on the door. Hopefully, Sharaku would be here. If not, Aya would haven’t the slightest clue where he could hide.

Sharaku didn't bother to go to the door, look out it, nor properly answer. He was still in his bed with his boots on as water on them from the snow began to melt and formed a nice slushy mess on his coverings. "Not In," Sharaku yelled hoping who was there would let him be.

Aya blinked. “Oi~! Sharaku… I know you’re in there!” Aya yelped so that his voice would go through the walls. What a common line that must be. Aya sighed as he looked at the door intently. “…Could you place… open up… I’d like to have little chat? Please~!” The pink haired boy added calmly while he was beating himself up over his rudeness. He was so rude to run out of the bathroom like that… regardless if he was very dirty thoughts or not, he should had stayed.

Sharaku muttered, "The door is open!" He really would have just ignored anyone else, but it was Aya and he couldn't say no. He sighed gently as his hands clutched tightly against the blankets. He wasn't in a talking mood and Aya loved to gab like there was no tomorrow. Didn't Aya know that of you talked too much your jaw would fall of? Sharaku surely did! When he talked too much his lower jaw would begin to ache and he could feel the bolts getting loose!

Aya blinked and slowly opened the door. He smiled shyly at Sharaku and closed the door behind him. “…H-hao...” Aya flushed, brushing the growing number of perverted thoughts in his head to the back of his mind. “I’ve been searching everywhere for you, ya know.” Aya laughed as he shuffled to his point on the floor and stood. “…I… just wanted to say I’m real sorry about racing outta the bathroom soo fast… and kinda ditching you there…” Aya bowed. Should he lie and say some lame excuse or… tell the truth… or don’t even explain at all? Aya just remained silent.

Sharaku's eyes peeked out from the covered as he looked over at Aya. He then recoiled back into the blanket flushing as they were in dead silence for a few moments. "It's okay...," Sharaku said with a broken voice. There was no use to be mad, well not at Aya.

Aya looked up from his bow. “…Okay?” He blinked stupidly at the words. For some reason, he was expecting Sharaku to question him, yet he didn’t. “Aren’t you a little curious, why I left? A tiny winy bit curious?” Aya asked, making elaborate arm gestures as he spoke. He’d always had very ‘expressive’ hands.

Sharaku's face was lost in the blanket somewhere along with the rest of his body. He kept like this to avoid such as eye contact with dear, Aya. "Umm....," Sharaku thought in debate. He hadn't questioned that fact, but Aya seemed like he wanted Sharaku too. "Sure," he said in a shaky voice wondering is his answer sufficed Aya's wants

Aya blinked again in a bit of shock, mild shock, but still surprised. “Well…” Aya could feel the blood rushing to his face and making his skin a rosy red tint. “… Well… I was… like…” He laughed trying to hide his embarrassment. This was so ridiculous, just spilt it out Aya. “I was being stupid and perverted… but I swear on my mother’s life, I didn’t see anything…” He paused. “It’s YURA’S FAULT!” When in doubt, blame Yura.

Sharaku looked up and removed the blanket. He stared blankly not falling at all what the boy said. If he did he probably would have been embarrass although Aya said he didn't seem him. Anyway, Sharaku could not follow the babble the boy spoke so quickly and with those ears he kind of resembled a monkey. Sharaku smiled... because he liked monkeys. Aya would make a cute primate. Sharaku found himself holding his stomach as he trying not to laugh so hard. "Aya-chan...," he whined out in a chuckling manner.

“Hai?” Aya stopped his mumbling. Was… Sharaku laughing at him? Aya didn’t know if he should be relieved or up set. He stood obediently still and bit his low lip again. Sharaku was going to talk, and that called for all of Aya’s attention. He stared at the blanketed Sharaku nervously.

Sharaku looked at Aya as his head tilted. He was not upset nor angry. He just wanted them to be okay. Aya apologized which was nice. He really didn't expect an apology he just wanted to know Aya was okay with him. He slid out of his bed and stood up before he would walk over to Aya. He gently touched Aya's cheek with the back of his hand as he looked at him. "Let me take you to dinner, some night," Sharaku asked in a soft tone. It was not broken nor shaking but soft and soothing which is extremely unusual for such a boy as Sharaku.

Aya flushed more and his eyes got real wide. His jaw flopped up and down, but no words came out. He nodded his head dumbly; even the bridge of his nose starting to turn red. Finally words spilled out. “Hai! I would like that very much!” Aya replied, still in shock. This was going to drive Yura insane. “You… mean on a… date… right? Sharaku-san?” Date. Please Lord, let it be a date. Not the ‘oh we’re friend’s’ crap that some many people had pulled on him before.

Sharaku nodded almost like an excited child, but tried to calm himself, "Yes.. a date." That was very well what he meant and was hoping that was what Aya would prefer to call it as well. He flushed a bit as he said, "Tomorrow then? How about I pick you up at 8?"

Aya thought for a moment. Nothing was happening as far as he knew. The real question was… if Yura would let him out of the house with Sharaku on a date. “Hai!” Aya smiled and lean up and gave a small kiss on Sharaku’s cheek. His first real date… with a boy he liked! Oh my God, What would he wear?! And his hair!!

Sharaku smiled as he looked downwards and itched his head. He was glad Aya seemed too happy about it. It would be horrible if Aya only said yes because A. he was scared of Sharaku, B. felt bad saying no, or C. wanted to humiliate him. Sharaku shook his head trying to get such horrible thought and forced himself to believe that Aya indeed actually liked him. He opened the door to show Aya out. "I'll see you then. I need to be heading out to a class in a bit."

Aya nodded and blushed more. “Okay… See you then, ShaSha-chan~!” He squealed happily as he trotted in a rather goofy manner down the hall. Before prancing down the turning hall, Aya turned around and blew a kiss and waved. Aya was on cloud nine as far as he could see. Maybe he’d go shopping and buy something. Aya was very tempted to scream out ‘Suki dayo~!’ but held back… He didn’t think Sharaku’s neighbors would like that.


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