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((Okay... I know the Hoildays are over.. but gkjfh dbdsjgh rieu ghesv o.o;;; this is really really cute~! I also know say thar every other entry, but it's soooo true XD Enjoy~!))

Aya sat lazily on the park bench and watched the Christmas light that still hung in the trees. The holidays were over. It happened all so fast. He was still waiting for his parent’s package in the mail. Yura was gone too. Oh how sad. He was aaalllllooone and it was something out of manga or soap. Well, at least he could still sit and look at the light display. It was the last night they would be up. The cold didn’t seem to bother him tonight.

Sharaku had just came back from his visit that he had experienced with his family. He did have a small tight nit one that was only composed of a few, but Christmas was something that always kept them together. It was the normal routine when he got there. His mother cottled him and his father was annoyed by it. It felt just the way he had left it which made him upset because he really assumed they would fall apart with out him. It didn't matter now.. he was back! Before Sharaku headed back to campus from the train station he had walked into a small gift shop.

Aya yawned and scratched his the back of his head. He spend the day re-dying his hair pink, which couldn’t be seen since it was in a pony tail and hidden by a baseball cap. In fact, he wasn’t wearing a dress, skirt, or anything that girl would touch. He was a he after all. Nothing to do. Maybe he should count the lights again. What was the last count… something like 3489? “One… Two… Three…” Aya pointed to a light, hopefully no one would find him in such a bored state.

Sharaku had left the shoppe by this time and found himself walking across the court yard. He was trudging through the snow as he passed Aya with out a notice. He held a tiny gift in his hand, which rested, in his coat pocket while he shifted in a front ward bent possesion from his pack back being so heavy.

“Forty-nine… Fifty…” He continued to count till he saw a lone figure walking him. His jaw dropped. It was ShaSha-chan~! Aya grinned happily. Finally someone he knew. “Sharaku~!” Aya jumped up and race over to the other. “Happy… Belated Christmas~!” He said merrily. Aya smiled wider to the taller boy.

Sharaku looked down at the other as he had to study Aya over. Who was the person in such odd clothing speaking to him. He didn't know any Fubu wearing children. His first thought was to, yes like a teletubie, RUN AWAY! He stayed though because the voice seemed so familiar. His eyes looked over Aya's face again as he whispered, "Aya-chan?"

“Hai~!” Aya smiled got even wider. “Aya-chan~! When did this happen, ShaSha-chan~!?” He giggled madly. Although he wasn’t in a dress, he still acted like a fruit. “Coming from…? Home? I’m guessing.” Poor Sharaku was staring at him funny. It was probably his strange appearance. Aya had always had problems with who he was… Was he a she or was he black? It was strange.

A silly smirk appeared on Sharaku's face as he was questioned by Aya. He didn't know why he had added chan.. it just felt right. Now that it had been pointed out he did begin to wonder. Deep down he knew. Sharaku nodded at the last question. He really had nothing to say more then what actions could justify. Sharaku flushed a bit still with the silly smirk on his face as he had taken out the small finely wrapped present from his pocket. The nice old lady at the gift shop had wrapped it for him. If he had done it himself there would have surely been a big mess that he was certain.

Aya blinked stupidly at Sharaku. “What’s that ShaSha-chan?” He tilted his head a little to the left and lift his hat a bit off his head before smugly placing it back on. It looked like a gift? “Didja parents give it to you?” He lean down close to Sharaku’s hand to looked the wrapped present. He was totally clueless sometimes. “Why didn’t you open it, Sharaku? It’s past Christmas… ya know.”

Sharaku's cheeks were red as they could ever be. He could blame it on the cold, but truly it was because of how hard Aya made things at times. He handed the present to the boy as he spoke in a gentle broken tone, "Noo.. It's for....you, Aya"

Aya stared at Sharaku blankly. “For… me?” Aya started to flushed as well, but hid it by pretending to wipe his nose. Now he felt bad. He didn’t have a gift for Sharaku. He bowed deeply. “Thank you… very very very much… but I have nothing in return for you. I’m so sorry…” he replied sadly. He bit his lower lip as he stood up. “I’m very touched.. that you would think of me…” Aya smiled timidy.

Sharaku smiled sincerely as he released the present from his hand when Aya had grasped it. He really hadn't been concerned with Aya giving him a gift. He actually found gift receiving wonderful, but scary all at the same time. To open an unmarked box that he had no idea what it contained frightened Sharaku. He had learned to accept gifts from his parents, but from others it was difficult. The boy had major trust issues.

Aya took his time to unwrap the present. But when he saw what it actually his brown eyes got wide. Candy. Did… Sharaku knew just how much Aya loved candy. Yura forbade him to have any, because he would become jittering and talk one’s ear off. “Oh my God…” His jaw dropped and looked up Sharaku. “That’s soooooo sweet of you, Sharaku-san~!” Aya hugged the other boy and muzzled his head in his chest. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you Sharaku~!!!” he voice get higher pitched every ‘Thank you’ till it cracked. Aya laughed at himself.

Sharaku had no idea how giddy he had truly made the boy. His arms were open as he received Aya's hug, but they did not clasp around from the shock he was truly in. There was coats between them that took some of the blow as he felt Aya's face press into his chest. He enjoyed the touch and attention from Aya. He was not sure how to react to such an action. His shoulders hunched up and his body became flimsy, but could at any moment fall like a paperweight.

Aya released Sharaku from his hug. He didn’t think Sharaku would dare touch him. He coughed to regain his voice again. “Where did you get this ShaSha-chan? Oh… now I have to get you something. It’s only fair.” Aya smiled up and batted his eye lashes, regardless of the lack of make up. He opened the box. It… It was sooo beautiful. Sugar. “Oi~! ShaSha-chan… do you want one?” he giggled as he picked up a chocolate and popped it in his mouth.

Sharaku blushed as he looked down embarrass that he had not hugged back the other. He really wanted to, but everything moved just so fast. Sharaku shook his head as his eyes still faced downward. They were much too expensive to eat himself. 15 US dollars a piece which was how much yen times 4 times tax rate... Sharaku gave up on calculating on his head. He had just done it and wasn't in the mood to solve that equation again. "Oh! The candy store near town," Sharaku beamed as he thought about the old lady who helped him.

Aya smiled happily with his gift. “That was very cute of you. I do appreciate it; I really do mean it too… I’ve been alone all this Christmas. I couldn’t afford to go home… and Yura is somewhere… mostly picking up… girls who can ‘grasp his handsomeness’” Aya rolled his eyes, but turned his head to Sharaku. He bowed. “Well, now I will not be able to sleep. Sugar does that to me.” He laughed boyishly and offered again.

Sharaku nodded as he frowned. He felt bad hearing that Aya was unable to go home for the holiday. "You should have told me," Sharaku said softly. "I would have came back sooner...." Sharaku found himself staring at the big, protruding ears of Aya’s that stuck out of the boy's hat. They were red from the cold as well as the button nose that Aya had on his face that was fitted so cutely. Sharaku placed his hands in such a way they cupped Aya's ears for he was concerned about frost bite.

Aya was about to reply to Sharaku’s statement when he was taken off guard by Sharaku’s hand. He looked up and started to flush. Remain calm. This was Sharaku, Aya… Remember, he randomly touches people. This meant nothing. He wasn’t hitting on you. Aya kept telling this to himself. He swallowed back hard but kept smiling. “…Yeah… I know… I have big ears…” He chuckled nervously. “People… say I look like a monkey ‘cause of them.” His face only got redder. “Maybe… even an elephant… lacking the trunk though…”

"I like them," Sharaku simply stated as he had taken a hand of Aya’s ear and curled in into a ball except for the pointer finger he left fully extended. While holding Aya's pointer finger he placed the tip of Aya's finger on his own very nose, "I have puppy nose." Sharaku was trying to relate to Aya, but had a hard time explaining the connection. He meant that people had told him he had such a nose like a puppy as people told Aya he had monkey ears.

Aya giggled at this strange display. He wondered how stupid they looked. Tapped lightly on the nose. Puppy nose. How ironic that Aya was kinda scared of dogs. Well puppies weren’t really dogs… yet. “Well, if you like my monkey ears then I like your puppy nose, ShaSha-chan.” He laughed and hid his mouth behind the closed box of candy. He looked over Sharaku. He didn’t looked that bad. His eyes were an odd shape, but so were Aya’s. He sniggered again and took his finger off the other’s nose.

Sharaku grew weary of standing in the cold for so long. His legs began to shake as his joints had an aching feeling to them. He motioned to Aya with his head to come inside to his dorm. He turned as he once again began to walk through the snow in his snow boots.

Aya followed Sharaku back into the warm building. Someday soon Aya would invite Sharaku over to his apartment and maybe have a sleep over. Yura wouldn’t mind and Aya would like it too. “You’re not… going.. to pull me under the bed again… right?” Aya asked nervously, remembering how he kinda got stuck… although he was a good ten centimeters shorter than Sharaku.

Sharaku said nothing as he did not care to remember that event. It bothered him the way Aya had reacted and the way he behaved to Aya's reaction. He walked to the elevator with Aya a few steps behind them. Once they were both in Sharaku pressed the set of numbers so ingrained in his mind that would lead up to his room.

Aya shifted nervously. Sharaku wasn’t answering him. Best to change the subject. “You’re probably wondering why… I’m dressed like I am…” Aya said absentmindedly and smiled goofily. “Or… not… But I’m… I’m… not too sure why… either…” The pink haired boy snorted, he always managed to say something stupid like that. Aya itched the side of face waiting to get to the correct floor. Why couldn’t he find the elevator when was bringing his telescope… Oh well.

Sharaku looked at Aya for a moment not really wondering at all. It was his business what he wore. It just off centered Sharaku a bit because the he had never seen Aya in such a style. Sharaku nodded silently as he watched the doors open and he didn't wait very long to step out. He proceeded to walk a length and turn where there was an opening. He looked for his room with out much thought before finding it, placing the key in the doorknob, and turning it. Sharaku didn't bother to flick on his light switch though he did throw down his book bag as soon as he walked in.

Aya followed quickly into the dark room. It was so much warmer in here. He stumbled around. “ShaSha-chan… Where’s the light?” Aya asked as he felt around the wall, or what he thought the wall was. Finally he found it and clicked it on. Sigh of relief. The dark was a scary thing. He smiled goofily and took off his hat. Hopefully he didn’t have hat hair. Did I mention it was warmer. Aya peeled off the Fubu sweat shirt and couple other thinner coats till it was a rather plan looking shirt, making it painfully clear that Aya was flat chested, and was in fact a boy.

Sharaku blinked for a few moments before he would turn on a lamp near his bed. His eyes focused on Aya for a long while before he would speak. He could definitely tell Aya was indeed a boy, but Sharaku was no bothered by that factor one bit. The blinds had been shut and it was indeed musty in that small room of his. He walked over to the window as he began to open the blinds letting a few rays of natural light to greet them.

Aya sat himself down on the floor again and looked up. Oddly enough, he felt at peace here. It was minimal unlike his junk filled apartment. Between Yura and Aya, the crap they had collect was becoming somewhat of a health hazard. “Thank you… again.” Aya smiled at Sharaku, and giggled. “What do you think of my hair? It’s a different color of pink.” Honestly, it was maybe only one shade darker… but nothing too different. But Aya felt for sure it was the most outrages thing he’s done since… dying his hair pink for the first time…

Sharaku looked at the shading of the other's boy hair. He honestly couldn't tell any different, but he felt compelled to touch it. It was so soft, fluffy, and brightly colored. He couldn't hold back as he began to stroke the soft locks of Aya's hair.

Aya giggled at Sharaku’s reaction. He smiled humbly. Sharaku acted like a little kid, and oh it was cute. “So… I take it you like~?” he asked in a sing-song voice and looked up at Sharaku’s face innocently.

Sharaku nodded as he continued to pet the boy's head, "Yes.. I like." Sharaku felt at ease as he was displaying both speech and psychical contact with another.

Aya smiled wider. He became rather happy… or the sugar was staring to kick in. He scrunched his nose and laugh lightly. And literally flung himself on Sharaku; hugging. Someone actually liked his hair. “Thank you so much~! You don’t know what the means to me.” He wrapped his armed around Sharaku’s neck and stared up with a friend smile. Damn sugar. It was like his crack.

Sharaku immediately began to flush as his body became hot and his hands formed a sticky rawness. Again, Aya had sprung on him when he should have been surely ready to react back, but he was truly never on top of that aspect. His arms clasped around the other as he stayed silent. Speaking would definably ruin the mood on his part, for it would have been broken and stumble.

“Ya know, you never answered me last time I was in you room.” Aya smirked flushing at the fact he was getting hugged back. “You fell asleep on me… But do you think of me of a friend or threat, ShaSha-chan?” He pouted his lips slightly and continued to stare up. Aya don’t be too pushy, he told himself. But he was curious how far he could ‘harass’ Sharaku without crossing any lines.

Sharaku looked down at the boy who was in his arms. In all actually it worked in a time line if you thought about it. He was first a threat, then both, then... well Sharaku didn't know what friends were really, but he definitely did not see Aya as a threat any more. "Fri...end..," Sharaku said in almost a question state.

Aya’s heart fluttered. “Well. I think you are a friend, ShaSha-chan.” He cooed softly and shifted his weight. He leaned closer. “I’m glad I don’t make you feel nervous. God, I make everyone nervous… I wonder why?” Aya sat thoughtfully not realizing much. “Sharaku… promise me. If I make you nervous, tell me. Okay~!”

Sharaku nodded at Aya's command. He would abed to it by the fullest or at least pretended like he would. He had such a diffcult time about being nervous. He always was. And when it was some one he really liked it became even worse. Sharaku tried his very hardest to keep himself calm as Aya would lie against him.

“Good boy.” He sniggered. Aya wondered how long Sharaku would let him hug. “…You smell good...” mumbled Aya absentmindedly as he laid his head on Sharaku’s chest. He didn’t really realize that he was doing this. It just… well… felt right at the moment.

Sharaku smiled as his nose was Eskimo kissing the top of Aya's head. He really liked the feel of the boy's hair and enjoyed the complement. It was the new colon his father had given him and he had just put it on that day. Sharaku had long before thought that the smell of perfumes had so much stench that they reeked, but he had become accustomed to it.

Aya flushed and felt fluttery inside. What should he do? He wanted to sit still but yet he wanted to jump around. Aya cuddled closer to the other boy. What is happening to me, Aya thought to himself, its… got to be the candy. That’s it. It was the candy. He nodded his head up and down as he snuggled closer to Sharaku’s chest.

Sharaku hadn't been close like this with some one in so long. It really happened so long ago and it wasn't a friend. Well, that relationship has such funky messages going back and forth he didn't want to remember it, but so times that were not to offended things reminded him of it and this was one of him. He began to lightly weeze and he was breathing more deeply. He remembered just how much he treasured foreign touch.

Aya blinked. The weezing sounded funny with his head on Sharaku’s chest. He fought down a giggle, but really couldn’t help it. “Oh Sharaku-san~!” Aya lifted up his head to Sharaku’s face and lean it so that their foreheads were touching. “You know you are so silly sometimes. So am I… Yura would be so mad at me and call me a big flirt.” He giggled more. What was he hoping would happened? He wasn’t really sure but he did know that he liked Sharaku. As long as he could be friends, Aya was happy.

Sharaku stared into Aya's dark brown orbs as their two forehead together. He wasn't so sure of what to do and he was completely unsure of what to say. He found his hand gently touching the side of Aya's cheek. He was patting it in a playful way.

Aya closed his eyes for a brief moment and smiled happily. “Please forgive me ShaSha-chan.” Aya replied in light sigh before leaning even closer and planting a big wet one on Sharaku’s lip. Yura would yell at him alright. ‘Pochi-chan, I don’t remember allowing you to kiss random boys. Bad manners.’ Or something like that. Aya gently removed his lips from Sharaku’s and smirked smugly with to himself.

Sharaku had found himself kissing Aya back with ease before the other had removed his lips from Sharaku's own. Sharaku was not at all a bad kisser, though after it was done his lips formed a sheepish grin as his eyes looked straight down as his hairs shielded his face.

Aya laughed and moved his arms. “What are you smiling about?” Aya asked feeling much better after doing that small kiss. Stupid random impulse. This was whole night was quite random. Well at least it was… kinda… mushy… That was the only word he could think to describe what was happening.

Sharaku's cheeks were pink as he shook his head, "Nothing..." His voice has a bit of a squeak when he released the word from his mouth. He wasn't very sure of Aya's thought on what had just taken place, but his were easily noticeable. Any one could see he much enjoyed Aya's affection.

“Awww~!” Aya squealed and hugged Sharaku tighter. He wanted to roll around and kiss Sharaku all over. The sugar was now in his blood stream and it’s affects could be ‘deadly’. He almost pounced, as best as one could pounce in a hug, on Sharaku. “Sharaku-san~! Do you have a crush on someone~?” he giggled teasingly and brought a hand to lightly tap on Sharaku’s cheek.

Sharaku's poor cheeks were so tight and red they began to become sore. He nodded like a child that had just spilled milk and confessed. He really had no idea how to be witty, smug, or any sort of a bad boy, that would have to be left up to Aya. He just sat there exposed and so worried Aya may change his mind.

Aya giggled madly. “Oh you are too cute~!” Aya laughed hard and rested his head once again on Sharaku. Aww, he could pop from all of this. It was something right now of a manga, he sweared to God, it was. His eyes were starting to tear up and he rubbed them roughly. “Well… what do you have to say from your defense?” Aya asked softly as he calmed down.

Sharaku couldn't say much of anything and here Aya was telling him to defend himself. "I.. I... have a test tomorrow," he said as he tried to change the subject. His shifting was even worse then Aya's.

Aya blinked at the random change of conversation. “Nani…?” Aya loosen on his hug. “I’m not making you nervous… am I, Sharaku?” he asked gently and raised an eye brow. Aya giggled as he shook his head. “I’ve a crush on someone too, ya know. Can you guess, ShaSha-chan?” Something told Aya, he’d be the one doing most of the talking.

Sharaku could not fathom that it could possible be him that Aya had a crush on. His first guess would be Yura, but Aya already told him that he surely did not. His second guess would be puppies and candy, but that didn't see right either. "I don't know," He whispered as his eyes raised a bit looking at Aya in question.

Aya sighed and poked Sharaku on the face again. “I know you can do it. Think real hard, ShaSha-chan.” Aya pleaded. “If.. I had a crush on a boy… What would I do. I would hug him and I would kiss him…” He could feel his face starting to blush but he smiled stupidly.

"Me!," He said with excitement. It was like he had solved an simplified math problem that made three pages long. Sharaku was giddied then before. Aya's genki soul had rubbed off on him and he was bouncy too. He found himself patting Aya's head like he would to do a small animal or computer. He was so fond of this boy.

“Very good Sharaku-san~!” Aya giggled and couldn’t help but feel like a grade school teacher… Okay that was a dirty thought. He snorted with laugher and muzzled Sharaku again. Dear lord Sharaku was cute. Oh in between the petting, the long pauses, and that ‘puppy nose’ it was all too much for Aya.

Sharaku was unsure how this turn of evens would lead, but for now he was content with the situation. He had been going fine with Aya and had been explain and talking and staying coherent and his head began to spin. He had gone so long with out becoming flighty that it all hit him at once.

Aya tilted his head slightly to the side and looked up. “Sharaku?” Aya cooed gently as he place his hand tenderly on the side of his face. “Is… something wrong?” Aya looked up innocently. Please Lord no, don’t let him fall asleep again. Not now~! No.. Aya pout his lips out.

Sharaku's eyes began to flutter as his teeth began to chatter. His arms would become like noodles and fall limp at his sides. He didn't want to be like this in front of Aya, but all the closeness had gotten to him. He was just so used to being alone and he needed small doses of interaction.

Aya smiled gently and made Sharaku lean his weight on Aya. He tenderly stroke the back of Sharaku’s head. Aya wouldn’t talk anymore. ShaSha-chan must be sleepy coming from home, bumping to Aya, this whole strange flirty thing, and can’t forget the test Sharaku had. Aya kissed Sharaku’s forehead softly. He was silly, but so was Aya for liking him.


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