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Hey everyone, this post is just to let you all know that unfortunately for a few months I've lost my AIM...I won't be able to RP for a while. Depending on how long this lasts I may have to leave the community, but I'm 99% sure that I'll be getting AIM back very soon here. And if not, I suppose there is always AIM Express.
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So yeah... Ruki is moving in. I told Kyo when Kyo came back. I don't how he feels about someone else moving in the apartment with us... but the little guy didn't have anywhere to go. I feel like I'm talking about an animal. >_<

( and this was supposed to have been posted before Kyo came back )

To sum things up ( since I lost the beginning of the rp ), I found Ruki wandering around. The little guy was freezing, and I thought he looked firmiliar. So I asked him if he was Ruki, and he was. So I brought him back to the apartment to show him around.

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((OOC Announcement: I'm Aya-mun posting for Emiru-mun (our head mod). All mun's are allowed to have three different Jrockers to roleplay as. Just mix somethings up a bit. Yay~!

Secondly, not that many people have been posting, and possibly not roleplaying. The mod's don't know. So this is like a warning. I understand completely if you are in the middle of a super long post and just haven't been able to finish it. ^^;;; We just don't know who's alive and who isn't, ya know. So the following people please leave a comment if you don't want to be cut from the community: Die, Kyo, Kaoru, Toshiya, Shinya, and Miyavi.

Like stated before. Just leave a comment saying that you are staying or you are leaving so the list can be updated. Thank you for your time

Also, don't forget to updated your character's journals. *wink*))