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Niikura Kaoru

So yeah... Ruki is moving in. I told Kyo when Kyo came back. I don't how he feels about someone else moving in the apartment with us... but the little guy didn't have anywhere to go. I feel like I'm talking about an animal. >_<

( and this was supposed to have been posted before Kyo came back )

To sum things up ( since I lost the beginning of the rp ), I found Ruki wandering around. The little guy was freezing, and I thought he looked firmiliar. So I asked him if he was Ruki, and he was. So I brought him back to the apartment to show him around.

Ruki nodded and follow the other obediently. His eyes transfixed on Kaoru’s jacket. Jacket… His jaw slowly dropped open and he stare into space. Oh he wish he had his jacket with him. The blench blonde boy sighed aloud, making more of a grumbling sound than anything.

Kaoru walked up the stiars to his apartment and unlocked it, ushering the other in. He slipped his shoes off and threw his coat into the closet, not bothering to hand it up. He didnt'feel like it. "The room is this way."

Ruki bent down to untie his Doc Martins before completely entering Kaoru’s home. So far, it seemed to be clean and nice. Once the shoes were off, Ruki waddle down the hall to the room Kaoru was offering him. “Oi, Kaoru-san… How much are ya charging?” He said in a deep voice, which really didn’t seem to mix his body type. “I… I kinda have a… small budget.” He added sadly and rubbed his forehead.

BerryKaoru (11:22:34 PM): "Not much since there is Kyo and myself here already. We'll just split the rent three ways when we get the bills," he said, opening the door on the right. "Kyo and I share a room. If you need anything, you can find us here." He pushed open the door on the left. "And this will be your room, if you like."

Ruki nodded his head as he listened to Kaoru speak, making mental notes of the foot plan and such. “Hai hai.” He brought his hand to his mouth and started to chew on his fingernails anxiously. He shuffled into the small room that was being offered to him. Small… but so was he… Ruki strongly believe that he stopped growing at the age of 13 or something. “Kyo-san and you…” His voice lulled into silence.

Kaoru blinked for a moment, not really thinking about it. "Oh... um..." He blushed slightly. He and Kyo never really had decided on teling anyone about their relationship. "We share a room now... since we're trying to split the rent three ways."

“Oh” Ruki replied with a small smirk and wiped his nose. He shuffled around the room. Yeah, he could see himself living here. That would show his parents. Housing. “’Kay…” God, his folks were real stupid. Kicking him out of the house. Ruki was determined to show them he wasn’t a screw up anymore. He would have to be… being good in school and no fighting. But trouble always seemed to follow him.

Kaoru laughed and went to the kitchen, going through his mail; what he had been doing before he had left the apartment. He picked up a rather large envelope, pulling out a picture frame wrapped in bubblewrap. He undid it, and laughed at seeing himself in the outfit he had made... which hung in his closet. He had always enjoyed making his own outfits. He laughed more. "That hat is fucking huge!"

Ruki waddled out of the room. “Nani?” He blinked stupidly and tilted his head slightly. Kaoru must have ADD or something. Rooms, rents, hats? “Um… If ya don’t mind me asking. But what about a fucking huge hat?” The blonde scrunched up his nose and made a face.

Kaoru held out the picture in the frame of him in a dress type thing. " I made this and put it on. My sister took a picture of me with it on," he said, laughing softly. "She just sent it to me."

Ruki’s eyes got wide and a playfully smirk came across his face. “You drag?” He snorted with laughter. Ruki calmed down and bit his lower lip. That was another thing he had to change about himself. Molesting guys in dresses. He just had to stop that… but… but there was something that got his blood to boil. Ruki simply couldn’t help himself when he saw a pretty guy in a dress.

The purple haired man laughed and gave a small nod. "Sometimes... I haven't done it in awhile," he said, covering his mouth as he continued to chuckle.

Ruki tried to act like he didn’t care, but yet he kinda wanted to see Kaoru in this dress his sister sent to him. Ruki could tell when he was in the around a good looking guy, and Kaoru was defiantly good looking. Probably even better in a dress. Ruki giggled slyly and pushed back his dirty thoughts to the back of his mind. “Why did ya stop? Too many perverts or something?” Ruki asked gently and wiped his nose yet again. Damn his running nose.

Kaoru laughed and shook his head. "Nah... No one's asked me to wear anything like it..." He pushed his bangs back. "If people asked me to... I would..." he laughed again. "Not even Kyo knows I dress like that!"

Ruki gave a friendly smile to the taller man. “Well, I bet you’re a real knock out.” He said innocently. Yes, that’s it Ruki. Be friendly and not a pervert. No, he wouldn’t let himself slip this time. He will not let his fantasies control him… Well… a maybe… just this one time. “Could… I like see you wear it? Not like I’m…” He blushed and laughed again.

"You'd really want to?" he asked, looking to the shorter man, smiling. He stood up, still looking down at him.

Manekinko (8:08:32 PM): “Suuure” Ruki said slowly. No. YES? Wait, no. Ruki control yourself. You haven’t even seen him and you’re getting giddy. He just met Kaoru and now Ruki was asking to see the other in a dress. Oh shamefully. Ruki bowed his head.

Kaoru laughed and went past him, going to his room; leaving the door open in his haste and going through his closet, pulling out the dress. "I'm going to need some help putting it on," he said, pulling his shirt off and throwing it to the floor.

Ruki blinked stupidly. “H-help?” He swallowed down hard out of nervous tension. “Okay…” His mind started to go num. Ruki would let himself slip into his ‘big, bad perverted’ self. He slinked his way into the other’s room to help Kaoru change. The blonde bit his lip hard, in way to control himself for doing anything too stupid and rushed.

Kaoru undid his pants, letting it hang open as he pulled the outfit like dress from the plastic bag he had put it in so it wouldn't gather dust. He slipped the top half on, his head being covered in the blackness of the fabric. He couldn't help but let out an airy laugh, he was getting a rush. "Ruki... I need you to undo a few of the buckles in the front," he said. His pale stomach visible as he wiggled around some.

Ruki started to space out as he watch the other strip down into front of him. Did Kaoru ask him to do something? “What?” He asked in slight confusion and blinked out of his daydream. Oops. Ruki smiled nervously. “You wanted me to undo what?”

"The buckles in the front," he said, pulling the cloth over his head and sliding his slightly thin arms through the sleeves. "Can you undo them?"

“Hai” Ruki quickly replied and went straight to work unbuckling. But his mind wasn’t focus. How could he focus? He was helping this guy, who he hardly knew, get into a dress for Ruki’s on personal fantasies. Ruki bit his lip again. It could be worst? After he was done, Ruki gave a sheepish glance to Kaoru. “Done…”

"Thank you," he said, and turned his back to Ruki, dropping his pants, along with his boxers to let the dress finish sliding down his lithe body. He kept his back to Ruki as he buckled up the buckles, snapping a few things. He threw his head back for a moment, getting his hair out of his face and went back to buckling and tightening the straps. He picked the hat up from his pat and gave it a small shake before putting it on. He turned back to Ruka, smiling shyly. "And this is the outfit."

Ruki covered up his mouth. His eyes traveled up and down the other’s body, noting features that he liked. “You look… good.” His voice cracked and he sat himself down and crossed his leg to hide his… well… excitement. He giggled like a little girl and started to flushed. “Kaoru-san~!” He smiled wickedly and even lick his lips. “I wonder why you don’t dress like that more. I mean, I’d do you.” He laughed and wiped his nose.

Kaoru blushed darkly, looking down, the hat covering his face completely. He stiffled back a giggle. This was no time to giggle! And yet he ended up giggling anyway. "Let's go watch tv," he said, bustling off, still giggling, and sat on the couch, turning the television on.

Ruki opened his mouth to say something. By Kaoru was already in the living room. He snorted and shuffled into the other room. He sat himself down next to the other, who was still in their dress. Ruki felt his hands grow sweaty and his face was starting to burn from blushing so much. “Oh this is ridiculous.” Ruki finally grumbled and crawled closer to Kaoru. Ruki had no shame now. He placed his hand on the other’s thigh and placed his lip upon Kaoru’s neck and licking him there and here.

Every muscle in the purple haired man's body tightened and he let out a straggled moan, his head falling back, tilting and allowing the smaller man access to the pale flesh of his neck. He didn't know what to do. He had wanted Kyo to do this to him... but... it was Ruki. Kyo was... Kyo wasn't there. He didn't know where Kyo was. He was gone again and he was in need now. He blushed darkly, his legs spreading slightly on their own accord. "R-ruki..." he whispered, unable to mask the need in his tone.

Well this was a first? Normally when he did this to guys… They either screamed and ran away. Or smack his across the face. Not encourage his bad behavior. He smirked. He moved his hand lower and squeeze Kaoru’s thigh. At the same time, he lightly nibbled on the other’s neck. He was always a biter. Then he licked the small impression from his teeth. “Yes Kaoru?” He asked gently in the other’s ear.

Kaoru gasped, his body tingling as he was sprawling out on the couch, his body turning to putty. "I..." He didn't know what to say. Didn't know what to do. He only knew how to kiss. Knew how to have sex with a woman. But he had no idea what to do with a guy. His neck muscles tightened as his blush darkened. "I don't know," he finally stammered. All he knew was that he didn't want Ruki to stop touching him. He knew it would hurt Kyo if he were to find out... but he needed it so badly. His body was screaming for it.

Ruki smirked and moved his hand closer to Kaoru’s hardening organ. “Really now?” He said teasingly and with his free hand took off the hat Kaoru wore. “Are you sure you don’t know?” Ruki kissed Kaoru’s high cheekbone lightly and started to pet the other’s most sensitive part. “’Cause if you don’t know what you want… I certainly don’t know either.” He stopped his stroking and smirked cruelly.

Kaoru whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut and clenching his hands into fists before pawing at the couch. He needed Ruki to touch him. "I.. I want you to touch me," he barely whispered.

Ruki smiled happily. Oh this was going to be fun~! He giggled and nodded. “Okay~!” He kissed the other on the cheek again, before letting his hand move up under Kaoru’s dress to toy with that part again. “You know, you’re the first guy to let me to this. Normally, I get yelled at or slapped.” He said calmly, acting like what he was doing was no big thing. “So I guess, you haven’t been with another guy before, uh?” Ruki added gently as his hands rubbed Kaoru slowly, working at the other tenderly.

"No..." he rasped. "I.. I haven't." His back arched and he raised his pelvic up more, offering up more of his growing erection to Ruki's hand. He moaned and squirmed around some, holding onto theback of the couch and the bottom of the cushion he was on. "Mmmm. .. !" he groaned, shivering as he raised his legs onto the couch, bending his knees some; not caring that the dress was riding up his pale thighs.

Ruki started to stroke Kaoru a little harder as he continued to talk. “For some reason, I thought this Kyo you talked about was you’re boyfriend.” He placed his other hand up the dress and caressed the other’s thigh. “Lucky for me, uh?” Ruki started to kiss gently at Kaoru’s lip, encouraging the other to kiss him back. He didn’t expect Kaoru to be so submissive and so pent up too. Poor boy. His thumb rubbed softly over Kaoru’s head of organ.

Kaoru gasped, his stomach in knots as he thrusted against Ruki's hand. He arched his back more, moaning and his grip on the couch tightened. He felt he couldn't speak but tried. "Y-yeah..." He spread his legs more, the dress now showing the tip of his erection that Ruki thumbed over. His whole body was tingling. With girls... he was on top of them, touching them everywhere. Was this what it felt to be the girl?

Ruki lick Kaoru’s cheek and continued to fondle the purple haired man harder. The hand that was on Kaoru’s thigh moved and up to grab hold of his hip. Ruki wondered how far he could go. He stopped grouping again and pulled his hand out from under the dress. He licked Kaoru one more time.
Manekinko (9:37:54 PM): Ruki, tagged on Kaoru’s dress gently, indicating that he wanted it to come off now. If Kaoru wanted to go all the way, he would simply take the pretty frock off. The last thing Ruki wanted to do was bang this boy and get his nice dress covered in cum or rip it.

Kaoru shivered and let go of the couch, fumbling with the buckles and snaps on the dress. He managed to undo it, panting and squirming restlessly, his legs still spread and knees still bent. He wiggled more, raising the dress and letting it drop to the floor with his hat. He blushed darkly as he looked to Ruki; his eyes dark with lust... pure animalistic need and desire.

Ruki pulled his shirt over his head and shortly after so did his pants and boxers. After his clothing was removed, it show just how excited he was as well. Ruki crawled back to Kaoru. His hand gently took up its position down below. Now he had more flesh to work with. The blonde hair boy moved his mouth onto Kaoru’s shoulder; slowly working down his chest as his hand wagged up and down much rougher with Kaoru’s erection. Ruki was always messy when it came to sex.

Kaoru let his back fall back to the couch, shivering and panting. His nipples were pebbled as he resumed his hold back on the couch. He bucked up against Ruki's hand, gasping for air. It was hard to breathe. Hard to think... Everything that was part of him was hard.

Ruki just yet his hand work going. He licked, and now and then he would give a good snip. With his free hand, Ruki let it slip down to feel out Kaoru’s rump. Should he? Could Kaoru take that? He messy licked Kaoru’s thigh. Maybe he’d ask. “Kaoru…. Karou-san?” He asked in a husky voice. “Can I?” Hopefully, Kaoru would understand what Ruki wanted, since he didn’t want to explain it.

Purple hair spilled down his back, over the arm of the couch as he raised his hips, shivering. His shaft slick with precum as Ruki continued to touch him, stroking him hard. "Ohh.... mmm... I don't care.... just... don't stop," he breathed; his eyes closed in pure bliss.

Ruki smirked. He gave a small kiss on Kaoru’s knee. “Okay… This might… pain… only for the first time though.” Ruki said, trying to be cheerful. He tilted Kaoru’s hips up to reveal the small anal opening. He feel flushed. It had been a while since he was on top. Ruki aligned himself with Kaoru’s entrance, but continued to grope Kaoru as a distraction.

Anything to distract the other from what was going to happen next. Ruki roughly forced his stiff erection into Kaoru’s rectum. He grunted hoarsely, he even stopped playing with Kaoru’s organ.

Kaoru cried out, jerking and twisting. "Ruki! It hurts!" He pulled at the couch, his legs trembling. "What.. what did you put in me?" he whimpered.

Ruki flushed and slowly petted the other boy, trying to calm him down. “Shhh.” Ruki said soothingly as he shifted himself around. “Kaoru-san…” He tried to explain, but his mind couldn’t focus on words. “I promise you… It won’t hurt for long.” He gave out small kisses and little licks.
He would gave Kaoru’s body a couple of minutes to get used to the intrusion. “I put myself in… you… Kaoru-san…” He said softly answering Kaoru’s question. “Do… you… want me to pull out?” Ruki didn’t want to alienate Kaoru too much.

Kaoru whinned but shook his head, tears rimming his eyes. "Just... will the pain stop soon?" he whispered, his nose scrunched up from the pain.

Ruki smiled softly and continued to kiss the other boy. “Yes.” He said in-between kisses. “I’ll be extra gentle too. I’ll stop if you tell me too.” Ruki licked a line on Kaoru’s chest. “Okay?” He only wanted to be Kaoru to be okay with it. The last thing Ruki wanted to be was a rapist.

Kaoru whimpered but nodded. "Alright," he whispered against Ruki's lips, still too caught up in the bit of pain to kiss the smaller boy back.

Ruki pulled his himself slightly out of Kaoru before pushing himself back in and out. He started a slow rhythm, since the blonde was too nervous to go to fast with someone so new or as tight as Kaoru. Ruki knew how it felt to be ripped open during the first time. Not fun and if anything. He wanted this is to be a enjoyable thing for Kaoru as well as him.

Kaoru jerked his head back, grunting with each thrust, his body still tight around the blonde. He let out a sharp cry, biting on his tongue before clamping his jaws tightly together.

Ruki pushed in and out. So tight around his flesh. Kaoru’s muscles were gripping hard, and Ruki felt his hips push a little hard. He wanted to go deeper, but held back. The mere sensation was dizzying. He started to panted lightly and his kisses became messier and he even started to bite a harder.

He moaned, shivering and tightening around him more for a moment beofre loosening, allowing him to go in deeper. He yipped at a rather sharp bite to his chest.

Ruki licked at the bite mark, in someway saying sorry for biting too hard. But he was much happier to be allowed to go farther. He thrusted roughly and almost growled. The blonde hope that Kaoru wasn’t feeling as much pain as before.

Kaoru cried out, whimpering and bent his knees more, lowering himself more onto Ruki. It was starting to feel good. He moaned softly, his grip on the couch lessening.

Ruki licked at Kaoru’s chest more, finding one of the boy’s nipple and playfully nibbling at it as he continued to keep a steady beat of thrusting. Ruki moved his hand down to continue the hand job that he was giving to Kaoru. Maybe that might move things along.

He shivered, writhering against him before bucking up in his hand. "Ugh.... Ruki..." He moved his shakey hands to hold onto Ruki's shoulders, only for his hands to fall to Ruki's hips, jerking him hard into him and crying out in pain and pleasure.

Ruki smiled widely. He liked it when people would call his name out. Something so territorial about it. Ruki panted. Now if he could only find Kaoru’s spot. He changed the angle he was thrusting into. He licks his lip and gave a hard push into Kaoru with low grunt.

Those long, talented fingers of his twitched over Ruki's skin. His body jerked up and he let out another cry. He didn't know what he had hit. But it... was close to the small ache that was buidling up inside of him. "To.. to the left..." he gasped.

Ruki nodded his head, listening to Kaoru’s instructions. He aimed more to the left and once again he pushed hard and deep into Kaoru’s frame. He growled as stopped playing with Kaoru’s erection. Did he hit the right spot or not? Well, Kaoru would voice it soon enough.

And he did. He cried out, his whole body arching. He wrapped his legs around Ruki's waist, taking him deeper, letting Ruki's shaft rub over his prostate. "Ruki!"

It was like music to his ears. He pulled himself out and pushed forcefully back in and hitting the same spot again. Ruki did this many times. He started to lick at Kaoru’s chest and push harder and harder. Boy, he was going so tired after this. Ruki could tell.

Kaoru let out another cry, thrusting up against Ruki's stomach, moaning loudly. "Oh... Ruki!" He arched his back more, dragging his nails over Ruki's back.

Ruki flinched a bit at Kaoru’s nail clawing at his back. Once he pushed himself hard. Ruki could tell his time was coming up. He could never last that long, sadly. He must change that… somehow… He drove hard again.

Kaoru shuddered, he too coming near to his release. The feeling of Ruki hitting that spot over and over again was driving him up the wall.

Ruki panted heavily as he shoved his hardest into Kaoru and growled loudly. Finally he spilt his bodily contents deep into Kaoru. The blonde boy moaned lowly as his eyes started to black out. But he remand conscious. It felt so good to finally release. Ruki licks his lips and panted letting his body finish up inside Kaoru.

Kaoru shuddered, letting out a loud moan and cumming on Ruki's stomach, panting loudly as he bucked against him a few more times.

Ruki sniffled and slowly pulled out of Kaoru. He yawned sleepily and crawled up near Kaoru, not even caring that the purple haired man had just came on his. Ruki was very cuddling after sex and he muzzled gently at Kaoru neck. He closed his eyes. Ruki needed a moment to recover himself.

Kaoru shivered, closing his eyes and breathing softly.

Ruki licked his lips again while finding his voice. “Are… you okay, Kaoru-san?” Ruki asked tenderly as he brought up his hand to gently brush the Kaoru’s hair out of his face.

"Y-yes.." he said, and licked his lips, his whole mouth dry.

Ruki flushed. God, he was such a whore. “You… might be a little sore… for the next couple days…” His bit his lower lip. “Gomen…” He sighed lightly and snuggled his head closer to the other boy’s neck to hid his face. “I… I really am sorry… Kaoru-san.” Ruki couldn’t help but feel bad. He just had sex with someone that he hardly knew and maybe future land lord.

Kaoru shivered more. "I-it's alright... I could have stopped you if I ..... " he stopped at that, suddenly thinking of Kyo. He prayed Kyo would never find out.

Ruki sighed again. “Hai… Can I ask you something…” Ruki said in-between small pants. “Can you… like not tell anyone this happened.” He said softly as he flushed. He didn’t want everyone on the street or campus to think he was a school whore. “Like… this never happened, ‘kay?”

Kaoru nodded. "I've no problem with it."

Ruki breathed out heavily with relief. “Thank you.” He sat up. Time to leave. Ruki crawled off of Kaoru and looked for his clothes. He wiped his nose and found his boxers and slid them on. This wasn’t all at what he had in mind when coming over.

Kaoru sat up slowly, his head swimming for a moment before pain ebbed its way in his lower half. "Eh.. where are you going? Are you going to come back?"

Ruki sniffed his nose. “Back to the shelter.” He replied in a flat voice as he stand up and wiggled into his pants again. He glanced at Kaoru. “I’ll come back… but… I need some time to think, Kaoru-san… I mean…” Ruki smiled and gave a nervous laugh. “I came here for a room… and got sex?” He kissed Kaoru on his fore back.

"Well.. you started it," he said, giving him a small embaressed smile. "You're still welcome here..."

Ruki smiled and itched the back of his neck. “Thanks Kaoru-san.” He picked up his shirt and pulled it on. “You should probably get dressed too.” Ruki playfully nudged Kaoru’s shoulder. “Unless you want your friend to see you like this.”

Kaoru's eyes widen, panick setting in and he moved quickly, ignoring the pain as best as he could and limped down the hall grabbing his boxers and throwing them on. That was as good as things were going to get.

Ruki shook his head and played around his hair. The way Kaoru was acting, it was almost like he had a… thing… for this Kyo guy. Ruki made a face. “Oi, Kaoru-san. You said that Kyo and you weren’t like boyfriends… right?” Ruki’s voice showed his worried tone.

Kaoru came out of the bedroom, nodding. "Right," he said. He really wished he knew whether Kyo had wanted other's to know about their relationship. "Why?"

“Cause~! You’re acting really jumpy and… I hate to tell you, but you were really really pent up.” Ruki shifted his weight onto his other leg and crossed his arms over his chest.

Kaoru stared at him for a moment before laughing. "You're funny! I.. I haven't been able to be alone since Kyo moved in," he said; which was part of the trust. "That's all."

Ruki blinked stupid and smile nervously. “Oh.” Boy, he felt really stupid for even thinking like that. “Gomen.” He bowed politely to the other boy. “Well… I should start getting back.” Ruki bit his lower lip.

"ALright... Well, I'm up most of the time. So .." He grabbed a piece of paper, scribbling his phone number on it. "That's my cell. Call before you come over so I can unlock the door."

Ruki took the number and bowed. If only he a number to give back to Kaoru and he also need a phone to Kaoru… “Thank you Kaoru-san” He said lightly and bow yet again. He waddled back to the door and started to tie his boots back on.

"You're welcome," he said, leaning against the wall.

Ruki finally finished with his shoes and stood up again. He stuffed the number into his back pant pocket and grabbed his hat and placed smugly on his head. “Anou…” Ruki blushed, feeling rather awkward.

Kaoru laughed. "See you later."

Ruki smiled shyly and waved. “Bye bye Kaoru-san.” He opened the door and turned back and winked at the other. He quietly shut the door and waddled back to the shelter.
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