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they just keep fighting

((omg! aya and yura keep fighting. XDD;;; wait... it's okay. they always make up and be friends again... i hope?))

The pink one sighed in frustration. How could two people make such a clutter? Was it because they were both boys? Boys, in Aya’s mind, were naturally messing creatures. He bent down and picked up the pile of clothes that lay on t he floor. Aya lifted them to his nose and took a big sniffed. Definitely dirty. “Eww... gross…” and he made a face. Stale sweat, aftershave, and something else Aya doesn’t to sure… Wait a minute. He sniffed again… Sex? Straight people sex… These were Yura’s. Aya immediately dropped them on the floor again. No more. He wasn’t going to be cleaning, washing, or touching anymore of Yura’s stuff. Aya was still mad at the blonde ‘bombshell’ from there last argument. He kicked the clothes over to ‘Yura’s side of the apartment’, were a growing pile of clothes, nick-knack’s, and other items that belonged to Takeshi.

Yura yawned as he finally willed himself out of bed but he was still tired. Crap night. His thoughts just wouldn’t settle at all. As he walked unevenly to living room he started to notice something very strange. The hallway… wasn’t touched. Things still lay on the floor. Normally, Aya would have a fit and clear everything off of the floor. “Aya… chan?” he asked flatly and walked out of the hall into the living room.

Aya looked up at the sound of his name. “What?” he asked harshly as he crossed his arm. “Sleeping Beauty, finally, decides to show his face… I’m going to be leaving for work soon… So, you’ll have to make your own breakfast this morning.” Just adding more sarcasm to his tone.

Aya was still pissed. And truth be told, so was Yura. He found this action justified enough. Aya was in the wrong. “What and you think I can’t make food?” Yura snarled as he stubbed his foot on something unseen upon the floor. And why was all this stuff on the ground? It wasn’t supposed to be on the ground. His clothes. What? Yura looked around at the vast piles of things on the living room. What was going on?

“I’m just telling you so you wouldn’t get your hopes up, Blondie-chan.” Aya replied as he went back to sorting things. Drums sticks. Yura’s. Laker jersey. Aya’s. Boxers… Undecided. He flung different object or articles of clothing into one of three heaps over his shoulder.

“Oi!” Yura almost yelled seeing a action figure that was practically his favorite thrown into a mound on the left. “That’s mine Guyver figure. Be careful, uh? It’s original. It took me seven hours to build.” Yura snatched the figurine and petted it slowly before checking to see if all 300 glue on part were still attached. “What in the hell is going on here?”

“That pile is all your stuff. One in the middle is stuff… I don’t even know who owns it. And this pile in mine.” Aya instructed, pointing as he explained. “All of your stuff I’m not longer cleaning or even touching. In fact, you’ll have to fend you for self. I’m not longer looking after you. Not after what you said to me.” Aya snorted haughtily. He could hold a grudge and be extremely stubborn. “And you’re not allow to touch my stuff either.” The pink haired boy added.

Yura rolled his eye. Aya was acting sooo elementary. “Is this about this that Sharkuku guy?” Yura asked becoming more annoyed at this guy who Aya simply adored. The blonde drummer could feel his right of his side twitch with growing anger as he hugged Guyver.

Aya stood up with a frown on his face. “His name is Sharaku, not Sharkuku. You don’t even know him. You past judgment too quickly.” Stupid Yura. Yura… Aya was getting so enraged about this.

“Like I care what his name is.” Yura commented as his flicked his hair behind his shoulder. “I can already tell he is wrong for you. And you still know nothing about him.” Yura nodded his head. Aya and his messing romances. Once Aya got over Sharaku he’d come running back to Yura and cry and tell Yura he was right and he was sorry. Then the apartment would be clean again and warm breakfast would sitting on the table. He would have his Aya-chan back. Besides, Yura didn’t want his best friend to just date any boy. Aya had to have the best boy ever. Someone Yura knew would take care of the pink guitarist and made sure he was safe and comfortable. Someone that wouldn’t cheat on Aya either. Yura highly doubted that Sharaku was this boy. Aya said Sharaku was shy. How could a shy kid protect Aya-chan?

Aya glared sharply at the blonde. But it was kinda true. He didn’t know a lot about Sharaku… but he just knew Sharaku was someone special. He could just feel it. “Well, I do know he was home schooled, and he was good manner… He’s shy and likes to read a lot. And he gave me a Christmas gift when you were off at some party, probably getting drunk or fumbling around with some girl. He also likes my ‘monkey’ ears… And…and…” Aya wracked his brain for more things to say. He must prove Yura wrong. “And… I know that I like him a lot. I find him like a mystery that is why I’m so drawn to him, Yura. I like him because he… isn’t… like most boys here…” He flushed redder as his voice started to flicker quiet. “You… wouldn’t understand.”

Damnit. Aya had it bad. Yura stood silent unable to think of a counter to what Aya had said. Maybe Aya really did like… nah. He couldn’t. Aya was pulling the dramatic out to make him, Yura-sama, break in. “You’re right. I don’t understand. And I’m glad I don’t. As for Christmas, you were invited to come to the party… But you never showed up. So in actuality, you were the one being rude.” Yura placed his Guyver figure down on a near by coffee table.

Aya glared. “Me and Sharaku kissed,” He replied rebelliously as he was starting to push Yura’s buttons even more. The kiss in question… we more like a peck, but Yura didn’t need to know that. Aya smirked as he too flicked a pigtail to the side. “We kissed when you were out at this Christmas party. And you know that your other friends don’t like me.”

Yura blanched and his jaw hung open in shock. The thought of Aya kissing some guy, Yura didn’t even know, made him sick. “You… kissed. You think that was a good idea too, honestly, youdon’tknowhowmanyrandomdiseasesthis SHARAKU could have!” Yura started to pace back and forth. “AYA don’t you think YOUR GOING A LITTLE TOO FAST?!” Yura rubbed his temples. Why? Why would did Aya do the stupidest things without thinking or consulting Yura first?

Aya giggled rather snobbishly and placed a hand on his hip almost triumphantly. “No… I don’t think so.” He simply replied. “And Sharaku isn’t diseased.” Aya added sharply. The pink haired boy bent down as he started to sort through things. As far as Aya was concerned this conversation was over.

Yura’s blood was starting to boil. Aya was mocking him now. “Well, at least I don’t think screwing a guy, who I don’t even know a thing about, is mortally fine, unlike some people I know.” Yura frowned. “A dress like some tart and wonder why normal people don’t like to ‘hang’ around me” The blonde kicked his pile of clothes in irritation.

Aya froze. Yura… was… attacking him personal now. He turned his head and looked up at the blonde with great resentment. “You… did not just say that.” Aya said, his voice shaky either from anger or forcing back tears. “Who… What…” Aya just couldn’t form the questions. In fact, his first reaction was… yes, wrestle Yura to the ground. And with that, the pink one jumped on Yura like a mad dog and caught him a head lock.

Yura legs couldn’t handle the extra weight from Aya, and his knees buckled and he landed on the ground with a thud. “Y-you… lunatic!” Yura gasped as he clawed at Aya’s dress trying to pull the pink nut case for of him. “You’ve… gone… crazy!” Yura continued to wheeze, finally getting a good hold on the dress he tagged, loosening Aya’s clasp around his neck.

Aya’s arms did loosened up, and were starting to slide up of Yura, in fear of his dress getting torn. “You’re the one who’s crazy.” Aya clutched Yura’s arm in hope of knocking him to the ground. “Do you really feel that way about me? Do you Takeshi?!” Aya voice claiming to hysterics as he slid completely off of Yura’s back and set down roughly on his rump.

Yura took this moment to grab Aya’s hands; and wrestle him to the ground. “You’re setting yourself up. Don’t you see… Sharaku is just going… to use you!” Yura exclaimed. “You’ll end up that way, Naoki.” He pushed down trying to the pink-headed boy pinned down.

Aya pushed back, his nail digging themselves into Yura’s skin on his hands. “How many… times do I have to tell YOU. Sharaku isn’t like that!” Aya retorted, struggling to hold his ground. Stupid dress was holding him back. It was his weakness in this match.

Yura flinched at Aya’s nails. “How do you know?” Yura fling all his weight onto Aya and pinning him to the ground. “I only want what is best for you. Sharaku isn’t it, Aya.” He frowned, tussling around to get Aya’s arms under control.

Aya pushed at Yura to get off of his person. “You say I don’t know him. Either do you!” He poked hard at Yura’s side. He slid his hand under Yura’s skirt scraping his nails on the exposed fleshed. “And what does… this ‘prefect’ boy you have in mind for me, uh? Maybe I don’t want prefect!” Aya asked sarcastically

Yura caught the wrist of Aya’s that was scratching him. It hurt to have those nail clawing at him like a cat. “I know that he could keep you safe, and protect you. Someone smart, and good looking too…” Yura nodded trying to grab Aya’s other wrist. “… someone… like me!”

Aya froze and blinked. Was that… a love confession? He stopped struggling. “What? What… did you say?” Aya asked slowly.

Yura blushed. “Not like that! ARGH!” Yura shook his head and let go of Aya’s trapped hand. “Was saying someone like me…” This was getting confusing now.

Aya laughed. “Why would I want to date an arrogant guy like you?” He managed to crawl out from under the drummer. He laughed hard, finding his sense of humor again. “I would… die if I two Yura’s around!” He panted and totally forgot the harsh words that Yura had said earlier.

“I didn’t mean it like that, damnit.” Yura pouted and refused to look at Aya from his embarrassment. He smiled then frown, and smiled again and laughed. “I think I would die with two Yura’s too. Too much competition!”

Aya laughed harder and snorted a bit. He laid himself down on his back and looked up at the ceiling. Strangely enough, as much as Aya wanted to hate Yura and kick him out the apartment… he just couldn’t bring himself to do so. “Yeah… competition… Is that how you see it? Sharaku as competition?”

Yura lay down as well next to his friend. “I guess…” He replied quietly. “I… I just want you to be happy and know that you’re going to be safe… And I’m not going to lie to you. I’m a tad bit jealous… Okay, I’m extremely jealous of this guy…” Yura sighed as he playing around with his hair, twisting it around his finger.

Aya shook his head. “You don’t have to be jealous, ya know. You’re still my best friend, and my room mate.” Aya paused and bit his lip in thought. “I think you should meet Sharaku. Then you might kinda see how I feel… ‘Cause I am safe and I am happy. It’s not like we are dating… at least… I…I… kinda wish… we were…” Aya flushed and sighed slowly.

“But… you made out with him?” Yura questioned, raising a thinly plucked eyebrow.

“It was a peck on the lips… It lasted for a total of three or five seconds.” Aya said shyly as he readjusted his legs so he crossed them at the ankles. “But… you’ll meet Sharaku, right?”

Yura rolled onto his side to face the pink haired boy. “Okay okay okay… I’ll meet him.” Yura pouted a bit. He’ll meet Sharaku alright; he’ll give Sharaku a piece of his mind.

Aya smiled happily and sat up. “Good~! Now we both got that off our chest~! I should make breakfast~!” Aya replied in the perkiest tone and crawled on his hands and knees to the kitchen.

Yura sat up too and blinked at Aya’s behavior. “What about me ‘fending for myself’?” Yura asked nervously as he got off of the ground.

Aya stood up as well. “I’ve changed my mind.” He smiled “I like to baby you too much~!” He squealed as he grabbed his apron off of a near by chair.

Yura shook his head. What did he get himself into when Aya became his friend? It didn’t matter anymore. The fight was over. Aya won… in some sense. They had made peace, till the next brawl. “You better make me the best omelet, EVER!”


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