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Sharaku’s dorm

((Aya drops off his telescope at Sharaku's dorm and has a chat. Enjoy~!))

It’s was getting late. It had been about two hours in the cold and Aya’s black leg warmer weren’t keeping his legs warm anymore. The sky was cloudy, he wasn’t going to be seeing any stars tonight. The pink one sighed and a misty white puff of air slithered out of his nose. “Too cold. Argh” he groaned. He looked up at the dorms longingly. They looked all cozy and warm. Aya checked the time on this cell phone. Time to go. He sighed yet again. Now he had to pack all his stuff and go on the train. Damn. Then he remembered. Sharaku’s promise… He smirked to himself. He was going to keep Sharaku to his word. He gathered his things and looked the card that was giving to him. He hummed as he strolled to the dorm.

Sharaku was already asleep as he clutched on his blanket even in his sleep. He had been tired from the day. The time he had with Aya had not been schedule and it threw him of course. It was silent in his dorm for the most part all that could be herd was his soft weezing. Probably best no one had moved in yet. It would have most likely kept the other up.

Aya found the building. He looked at the card again. 1108, Building D. Simple enough? Well, it was simple till the stairs. Aya grunted as he tried to drag up the telescope up. The dorms didn’t have elevators like his apartment, he never really realize how lucky he was to have that elevator. Finally after much struggle, Aya cleared the last stair. He leaned against his knees to caught his breath. At least it was warmer. He unbuttoned his jacket to show his bright yellow knit cardigan. “At last…” He huffed and waddled to the door. A flushed Aya lightly tapped upon the door, which, hopefully was Sharaku’s.

Sharaku woke from his rest unsettled and uneasy while not fully yet cognizent of his surrounding. His hands prompt his upper half up before he would turn and plant his feet on the ground. Sharaku was silent as he looked out the peep hold to see who could be wanting his company at this ungodly hour. Surely enough, It was Aya with his camera equipment. Sharaku opened the door with out a word.

Aya coughed to clear his throat. “Gomen.” He bowed, “ I didn’t think.. you’d be in bed.” For some reason, Aya thought Sharaku was the type of guy that would stay up all night and sleep in. It was kinda creepy standing in the hallway, at night, with Sharaku. “I came by… to… ya know, drop my stuff off… If you didn’t mind.” Once again Aya bowed, politeness was very important went one is trying to get something.

Sharaku nodded as he rubbed his eyes and yawned a bit. His face was clear and void of make-up as his choppy uneven blowed haircut framed his making him seem even more like a child. He stepped back allowing Aya to shuffle in along with all of things that needed to be stored. There was plenty of room since no roommate lived there nor did Sharaku have much to begin with. Sharaku found himself walking back to his bed and falling backwards into it still as silent as ever.

Aya walked in. “Err.. Sha..Shakaru~? Shakaruuu~?” he cooed gently trying to get the other to pay attention without a fuss. He pouted out his lips. “Sharaku… where should I put it?” Although where was a lack of personal belongings and tons of space. It was still Sharaku’s room to began with. Aya stood still rather stiffly, getting the impression that his timing was totally off.

Sharaku's eyes rolled back to the present as he reluctantly stood up. He'd be up all night now he was pretty sure as he bent over and flipped the switch to a lamp that stood on his nightstand. Once the light was on his eyes retracted and he sat on the bed with his knees pulled up to his chest. It took him a moment for his eyes to focus on Aya before he stated, "Anywhere."

Aya nodded and smiled nervously. “Hai.” He quietly answered and then found a corner of the room that look like it needed a telescope in it. Aya fiddled around with the arrangement and such. He couldn’t help but wonder how live in a place… so bare. Aya spent hours upon hours on the layout of his apartment and made sure it had sometime of charm to him. Aya stood up… should he go? Should he talk? “…Done…” Aya was still a little flushed from the trudge up the stairs.

Sharaku watched the boy place the equipment to his liking. Aya was so particular about how the layout of his pieces would lie. Sharaku was similar in this aspect and could easily relate to this certain factor. Sharaku nodded at the boy’s words.

“Nice… place you have.” Aya blurted out. Smooth. Real smooth. Aya snorted at himself and hid his face behind his hand. Why was he talking so… blah around this kid. They were the same age, at the same school? But yet Sharaku was too mysterious it only made Aya want to bug him more. Was this how stalkers acted?

Sharaku blinked as he tilted his head. He really hadn't taken offense to Aya's comment nor did he accept it. He watched the other hide himself behind his hands. Sharaku found Aya's behavior amusing and he did the action as well.

Aya stood for a moment. Oh my God… he was like a stalker, uh? Or was Sharaku his stalker? Or where they both stalking each other without even knowing? Aya sighed deeply and let his hand off of his face. “Er… well…” Aya bit his lip and glanced up at Sharaku… he was hiding behind his hand as well? Aya chuckled, which turned into a high-pitched laugh. He was laughing so hard, Aya literally fell over onto the floor. He lay there laughing for a reason he couldn’t really remember anymore, and Aya was quite sure he was probably exposing himself, but didn’t really care. “Oh Sharaku… you are too much~!” He giggled and rolled again.

Sharaku moved downward as he looked over then bed frame and down on the floor. He was on all fours as he examined the boy that was on his floor laughing up a storm. He peered down at the boy with the beginnings of a smile that suited him, but was in no way normal.

Aya snorted a couple times, which was strangely fitting for a boy with pink hair to do. This snorting only made Aya laugh some more, before, finally he managed to calm himself down to a sparkle of giggling there and here. He looked up from the floor, still laying down, were he saw Sharaku staring at him. Aya couldn’t help but smile again. “Do you find me weird, Sharaku?”

Sharaku thought for a long while until he sat up for a moment and then found himself leaning back against the wall. He had been silent as he thought, well except for the slight weezing that he always had. "Of course I do, Aya!" Sharaku meant to say that he felt the boy was intriguing and he liked how different he was from others, but Sharaku was not a poet. Besides, Sharaku was the oddest of them all, wasn't he?

Aya sat up and titled his head slightly. That wasn’t the reaction or response Aya was excepting… then again Sharaku never did a thing Aya excepted “Well…” Aya replied nervously and got off the floor. He brushed himself off and made sure his skirt wasn’t flipped up in the back. “I should probably… go… uh?” Aya smiled. “Thank you… very much… I didn’t mean to wake.”

Sharaku was ready wide a wake as he still faced Aya. He didn't mind the other's company, which was unusual for such a boy as Sharaku because he mostly demanded to be alone. He looked the boy over before whispering, "Only if you want too..."

Aya froze in mid-stride. Did his ears trick him? He turned around. “W-wha?” Aya stared at Sharaku like a deer in the headlights. “You… mean… I can stay for a visit?” Aya could feel his face flush for some unknown reason. He would have said more… but was last time Aya spoke too much or too fast Sharaku freaked out.

Sharaku was already becoming quiet unsettled as his body shifted in an odd position. He nodded gently as he top row of teeth clamped down on his bottom to form a tense smile. In all actually it was to stop him from telling Aya to go home. Sharaku was desperately fighting his instincts.

Aya bowed and felt rather flattered that Sharaku would let him stay. “Okay…” He smiled sweetly and plopped himself down on the ground again, almost like he was in grade school again. It was quite strange, Aya thought, for Sharaku to say such a thing. Aya giggled and covered his mouth with his hand. Aya was special that made him happy.

Sharaku found himself itching the back of his head as his eyes shifted downward. He was avoiding Aya's eyes at first but then quickly noticed that he wasn't wearing much. Normally he would wear his pair of checkered pajama pants with matching nightshirt, but he had been particular hot that night. As he looked down he noticed he had only been in sloppy boxers. Sharaku hands reached for the blanket in hopes to wrap himself up.

Aya blinked. Guess Sharaku only want Aya to sit there. It was almost like Sharaku wanted Aya there, but didn’t want him there? “Do you like dancing?” Harmless question, right? Then again, Aya asked a lot of harmless question. He sighed. Hopefully it wouldn’t be taken the wrong way. That would be embarrassing for both Sharaku and Aya.

By this time Sharaku had buried himself in his comforter. He covered himself as he sat Indian style on the bed while his head poked out of the blanket from the hood that had been formed. Sharaku listened to the question as he had taken in a deep breath. His mother had tried to show him how to dance once when he was younger. After stepping on her feet and not at all going with the music he was claimed as a lost cause. "I've never really danced before..," he said in a mumble.

“I dance a lot.” Aya simple stated and he laid himself on the floor again. It was a rather comfortable floor. “I don’t think you know… but I make up dances all the time for the small cheer squad on campus with my best friend, Yura.” Aya smiled dreamily. “I have fun doing that… Do you have any hobbies, Sharaku?” Aya was very tempted to give a nickname to the other boy… ShaSha-chan. That was soo cute. Maybe he’d bring that up later.

"I.... study...," Sharaku said as he looked like an old madmen with the blankets on. He thought for a bit as he pictured Aya dancing in his mind. "I sing too...," Sharaku let out sheepishly. It would be a while before he would find Fusuke and the rest of Metronome, but this early of an age he knew he enjoyed singing.

“Sharaku~?! May I call you ShaSha-chan?! PLEASE~!” Aya squealed and sat up. He gave a puppy face as he totally changed the subject. “Please…” He whimpered and crawled cover to the bed. He laid his face on the bed and lightly pawed at the blankets.

Sharaku's jaw slacked downward as his eyes crossed. His mind went into a totally panic from what the boy had asked him. Normally he would have screamed out a terrible sounding, NO and pushed the boy of the bed with out a second thought. He kept silent and still. There was something appealing about Aya too him as he sat there in dismay. "Okay...," he let out in a shrill tone.

“Thank you~!” Aya yelped and smiled widely. “Can I pet you, ShaSha-chan~!?” Aya giggled madly seeing how far Sharaku would let him go. He most defiantly was pushing his luck. Aya removed his head off the bed but continued to kneel on the side.

Sharaku's eyes grew with fear as he breath became heaver. He was weezing loudly as he could feel the beginning of a panic attack upon him. He said nothing to Aya as his nervousness forced his body to shake underneath the blankets. Aya was testing him greatly.

Aya frowned and laid down on the ground again. “…I won’t. I was only kidding.” Poor Sharaku. Aya stared up a the ceiling. “Beside.. why would I want to pet you? It seems silly… doesn’t? You aren’t an animal.” Aya spoke aloud in slight frustration. “I wonder why people do that. Pet one another and such. Like Yura likes to call me Pochi-chan. It sounds so dirty, ya know? Pochi-chan. I use to call my dog that when I was like… six?” Aya rolled on to his side, his back facing the bed.

Sharaku had such a mix of feeling that flooded his head. If he was no careful the flood could leak and he would begin to cry. Sharaku worked as hard as possible to not let that happen or at least waited until Aya had left. He wanted the other to touch him, but he would have snapped if Aya had done so. Sharaku was a walking paradox and could not help it. Sharaku found himself dropping the blanket and creeping down to the edge of the bed. He stared at the others back while his eyes would move down the boy's frame. He reached out to touch the boy's shoulder, but his hand immediately recoiled back to the bed before it made its full destantion, "Who's Yura?"

Aya glanced over his shoulder after the small tap and rolled to face the bed again. “Yura is my so-called ‘best friend’… he’s more like my slave driver.” Aya yawned. “We’ve known each since high school. I used to follow him around… and to be honest, I think I used to like him, but not anymore. Yura is totally jerk. He thinks sooo highly of himself.” Aya frowned. Yura-sama his ass. Aya itched the back on his neck. “And he also thinks, since I’m a year younger than him, he can boss me around.. and says stuff like ‘Oh Aya-chan… be a dear and help me.’ Or ‘Pochi-chan could you do my term paper, darling.’… Argh. He drives me insane.”

Sharaku's face had no emotion when Aya explained the unhealthy friendship to him. Sharaku didn't see much wrong with it except for Aya's reactions that would give him that impression. Sharaku had no friends thus he had no idea what Aya spoke of, "Oh."

“And the part that kills me even more. He goes around telling people we’re dating.” Aya sighed and glance back up at Sharaku. “ShaSha-chan? Do you think it’s wrong of me to let Yura to get away with all this stuff… I know he is my best friend… but friends just don’t do that together, right?” Aya flushed slightly. Why in God’s name was he whining about this to Sharaku? Sharaku didn’t give a damn about Yura.

Sharaku climbed downward on to the floor, as he would lie beside Aya. He was bare chested as he felt the close floor his skin. Sharaku was tired of Aya's complaining. What was the problem? At least someone was close to Aya. Sharaku truly had not a soul that would call him a ‘friend.’ "Well, if you don't like him... say so." And with that Sharaku began to slid himself under his own bed.

Aya blinked and watched Sharaku thoughtfully. Sharaku actually made since, but Aya didn’t have the heart to yell at Yura for some reason. No matter how annoying he got. But Aya got side tracked by Sharaku’s behavior again. “What are you doing?” Aya couldn’t help but ask. “You are so silly ShaSha-chan.” He giggled and was very enticed to tickle the other boy… but the way Sharaku acted with Aya’s threat of being petted. Made him think twice.

Sharaku coughed a bit as the dust came in through his nose. He laughed a bit before turning to face the other, but still under the bed. He grabbed Aya's hands and pulled the other boy in with him.

Aya permitted this. “Sharaku…” he asked in an uneasy voice. He coughed too and dust made his eyes water. Aya was starting too get anxious and his heart was beating faster for some reason or other. What was Sharaku up too? Aya somehow managed to cram himself under the bed as well.

Sharaku listened to the tone of the other's voice and realized the boy was serious. He dropped his hands and once again avoided eye contact with the other. He assumed Aya was displeased with his behavior, but he had no idea how to responded to it. Sharaku squirmed out from under the bed on one of it's sides. He stood before walking to his dresser draw. He started to look for his checkered pajamas. His actions became frantic.

Aya whimpered from under the bed. “ShaSha-chan…” Aya struggled to crawl out. He could only manage to get his head and upper body out. He was too lazy to pull the rest of him out. “Is… something? Why am I under the bed?” Aya smiled nervously. “You weren’t going to….” Aya stopped himself right there and blushed. Good thing he caught himself and hid his reddening face behind his hands. Why? What? Nooo. No no no no. Aya, you are jumping ahead of yourself.

Sharaku couldn't find his favorite pair of checkered pajamas. He found him self-throwing everything out onto the floor while he searched. He wanted those very pair of pajamas and no others would be sacrificed. Sharaku began to get frustrated as his eyes would lightly fill with water and his hands curl up in tense balls. He hadn't been paying attention to Aya at all.

“Oi… Sharaku…” Aya replied as a pair of pants fell on his head. He grumbled as he tried to pull himself out and take the pants off at the same time. “Sharaku~!” Aya whined softly and managed to get the pants off… but was still stuck under the bed. He tilted his head. Maybe it was a good time to go. Aya felt for sure he made Sharaku very upset. Now… if he could only get out.

Sharaku did not hear Aya until the second calling of his name. He had really been in his own little world on the search of checker PJs that he forgot all about Aya. Sharaku kicked the clothing to the side and out away from Aya. He then had got on his knees, as he would push up the frame of the bed with his hand leaning it on his shoulder and began to grab at Aya with his free hand.

Aya crawled and let Sharaku help him. He quite happy to get out from under that bed. He wasn’t too sure why Sharaku pulled him down there to begin with. He sneezed a little; a small girly sneeze. “Thank you…” Aya said sheepishly and knelt on the floor still. He brushed the dust bunnies off of his leg warmers and seemed to be shortening skirt.

Sharaku let down the frame as he stood back up. His face looked directly down at the floor as he stood there feeling almost named and for some reason shameful. He said nothing, but instead just stood like a depressed maniac.

Aya stared up and couldn’t help but feel sorry. “Here… here…” Aya replied in a rather motherly tone and gently place his hand upon Sharaku. He tagged lightly, pleading for Sharaku to sit down with him on the floor.

Sharaku wasn't in much of a state to hold any more conversation nor was he sure of his surrounds and the Aya who was in them. He was in his dorm room, which was good enough for him to allow himself to separate from reality, but Aya was still there. He tried to hold on to what was going on, but sadly it was slipping with out his control. He sat down by the orders of Aya. His cell from the corner of the room began to ring, but after so many rings anyone would get the impression that Sharaku was not going to answer.

Aya sighed and some how hugged Sharaku. He hugged the other boy tightly but quickly released him. Knowing how much Sharaku probably didn’t like being touched. “Sharaku… If you will let me ask… but do you think of me of a friend or a threat? Please be honest.” Aya asked modestly and smiled shyly. He wasn’t to sure how Sharaku would react. If anything he’d probably would kick Aya out.

Sharaku's eyes were fluttering and his head was dizzy. He really had no idea what Aya was talking about and felt like he was going to fall over a any moment. All of these questions he was subjected too made him silly. He wasn't used to such interaction with other people for long periods of time. His eyes closed gently to stop the spinning feeling as his hand cupped Aya's. He could not speak anymore.

“Sharaku…?” Aya tiled his head. He was quite worried by now but Sharaku was kinda touching Aya on his on will. Kinda like the first time they met in study hall… but the excuse then was Aya’s skin was soft. Aya blushed little at the memory. “Sharaku-san…? Is something wrong?” He cooed gently trying to get the other to talk.

Sharaku gently sighed as his head shook right and left. He wasn't sure exactly much of anything, but he could feel that he wasn't upset. His eyelids were heavy and he was tired. Soon he wouldn't be able to hear Aya at all..

Aya blinked in confusion. He was quite sure Sharaku was having an attack of some sort. But if Sharaku said he was fine, it must be true, right? “You’re sleepy… uh?” Aya asked again in an even softer voice. Aya smiled to himself. Sharaku was weird, but it only made him even more endearing.

Sharaku's head sunk downward on to Aya's shoulder. He was tired out from all the social interaction he had from the day and could no longer keep away in Aya's presence.

Aya flushed slightly. Sharaku was asleep… on him. Aya shook his head and kinda giggled. So how Aya managed to pull Sharaku back onto his bed and tucked him in. “Oyasumi ShaSha-chan~! Kisu~!” Aya giggled and flicked off the lights and stumbled out of the dorm.


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