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Ryutaro - Day 01

An air of contemplation filled the room while I slowly break free from the realm of sleep. Translucent rays of light crept inside the room like white-colored snakes ready to release me from all my pain.


First day in the university.

Instead of having a nervous sensation about the excitement of a new chapter in my life, I was rather feeling… apathetic.

I would rather spend that new chapter laying in bed, or perhaps feeding the adorable panda in the zoo.

I would rather…


I lazily got up, got dressed, got ready.

I exited my apartment and started walking towards the haven of doom and utter depression.

The air was cold and a sense of misery filled the setting as I walked inside the campus. The previous week, a professor toured me around the school; she was obviously glad that another addition had come to their institution. I, on the other hand, remained quiet and unconcerned.

And now, here I was, ready to face my death.



I opened the door and proceeded right away to an open table. I didn’t mind looking at the professor or at the students who would be my fellow classmates for the whole year.

A whole year.

In my seat, quiet and restrained, I sighed.
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